[343], At 3:41 a.m., Congress confirmed the outcome of the Electoral College vote, Biden's 306 votes to Trump's 232, with Pence declaring that Biden and Harris would take office on January 20. [407] The CAO said it was "providing support and guidance to House offices as needed". [134] In a January 4 memo, Miller prohibited deploying D.C. Guard members with weapons, helmets, body armor or riot control agents without his personal approval. [391], ABC News reported that the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) had recovered several improvised explosive devices intended to cause serious harm, and were looking at those in the mob that were trained perhaps in the military and more intent on causing serious harm, including harming Vice President Pence. show you personalized advertising. 2021 – January 23–26: 2021 Dutch curfew riots. ABC analyst and retired CIA officer Mick Mulroy said the FBI would likely be conducting a full counterintelligence sweep on all those who participated in the assault to determine possible foreign intelligence ties, as they may have taken sensitive information from the congressional offices. What happened to the America that won two World Wars and reconciled victors with the defeated, whom America helped get back on their feet instead of punishing or subjugating them? Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey", "Pro-Trump rioters smeared poop in U.S. Capitol hallways during belligerent attack", "Whiteness is at the core of the insurrection", "Curators Scour Capitol for Damage to the Building or Its Art", "U.S. taxpayers to pay Capitol siege tab as government shuns insurance", "Mob swarms media outside Capitol, damages equipment", "Hoyer says rioters destroyed display commemorating John Lewis", "House Majority Leader says rioters stole tribute to late Rep. John Lewis", "Behind the viral photo of Rep. Andy Kim cleaning up at midnight after riots", "Prison labor is what will rebuild the U.S. Capitol after its siege", "White Supremacists Attacked The Capitol. [151] On February 22, Watkins changed her story and said she only interacted with the Secret Service as she passed through the security check before the rally. [405][406], Representative Anna Eshoo (D–CA) said in a statement that "[i]mages on social media and in the press of vigilantes accessing congressional computers are worrying" and that she had asked the Chief Administrative Officer of the House (CAO) "to conduct a full assessment of threats based on what transpired". [411][412] Vanity Fair reported that Trump was at least partially convinced to make the statement by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who told Trump that a sufficient number of Senate Republicans would support removing him from office unless he conceded. [152], Starting at 11:58 a.m., Trump gave a speech, declaring he would "never concede" the election, criticizing the media and calling for Pence to overturn the election results, something outside Pence's constitutional power. [307][308] About 3:04 p.m., Miller spoke with Pence, Pelosi, McConnell and Schumer, and directed the National Guard and other "additional support" to respond to the riot. [161] By then, rioters had broken through police barriers onto the Capitol grounds. As they set off, Ethan Nordean used a megaphone to issue instructions, and said "if you're not a Proud Boy, please get out of the way". ... January 07, 2021 by Peoples Dispatch. [409][410], After drawing widespread condemnation from Congress, members of his administration, and the media, Trump released a video-taped statement on January 7 to stop the resignations of his staff and the threats of impeachment or removal from office. We get our President or we die...[I]t is our duty as Americans to fight, kill and die for our rights. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) The Associated Press President Donald Trump spoke … [104] Roger Stone recorded a video for Stop The Steal Security Project to raise funds "for the staging, the transportation and most importantly the security" of the event. "[151] The U.S. Secret Service denied that any private citizens had coordinated with it to provide security on January 6. "[205][206][207] Outside, the mob chanted, "Hang Mike Pence! (File photo: Reuters) ... Pelosi says Democrats plan to remove Trump over Capitol riots. Many in the crowd at the Capitol breached police perimeters and stormed the building,[38][39] occupying, vandalizing, and looting[40] for several hours,[41] assaulting Capitol Police officers and reporters, erecting a gallows on the Capitol grounds, and attempting to locate lawmakers to take hostage and harm. [217] As Pence and his family were being escorted from the Senate chamber to a nearby hideaway, they came within a minute of being visible to rioters on a staircase only 100 feet away. Sources that refer to the event as a coup include: Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Grace Ashford, Denise Lu, Eleanor Lutz, Alex Leeds Matthews & Karen Yourish. "[353] At least one of the officers was also stomped upon. Now some say maskless Republicans made it a coronavirus hot spot", "Army falsely denied Flynn's brother was involved in key part of military response to Capitol riot", "DC Mayor Issues 6 p.m. [437] Some newspapers described the storming as "anarchy". This is America. [248], After the storming of the Capitol, two white nationalists known for racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric streamed to their online followers a video posted on social media showing a man harassing an Israeli journalist seeking to conduct a live report outside the building. Deny Giving 'Reconnaissance Tours' to Capitol Rioters", "Behind the Strategic Failure of the Capitol Police", "The Rioters Who Took Over The Capitol Have Been Planning Online In The Open For Weeks", "The storming of Capitol Hill was organized on social media", "Capitol Attack Was Planned Openly Online For Weeks – Police Still Weren't Ready", "Chicago-Area Billionaire Gave Millions To 'Patriots' Group That Backed Pro-Trump Rally", "Republican Attorneys General Dark Money Group Organized Protest Preceding Capitol Mob Attack", "Alex Jones says he paid $500,000 for rally that led to Capitol riot", "Jan. 6 Rally Funded by Top Trump Donor, Helped by Alex Jones, Organizers Say", "Charlie Kirk Says Not Everyone in Capitol Mob Was an Insurrectionist", "Trump Supporters Used GoFundMe To "Build An Army" In DC", "The Man Who Saw Yesterday's Coup Attempt Coming Is Only Surprised It Wasn't Much Worse", "FBI warns 'armed protests' being planned at all 50 state capitols and in Washington DC", "Exclusive: FBI warns of potential boogaloo violence during Jan. 17 rallies", "FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week", "FBI has opened 160 case files for crimes committed during Capitol riot", "FBI report warned of 'war' at Capitol, contradicting claims there was no indication of looming violence", "Worried about free speech, FBI never sent bulletin on Capitol threats", "Why Didn't The FBI And DHS Produce A Threat Report Ahead of The Capitol Insurrection? While there had been other instances of violence at the Capitol in the 19th and 20th centuries, the event was the most severe assault on the building since the 1814 burning of Washington by the British Army during the War of 1812. Pursues at Least 150 Suspects in Capitol Riot", "Records show fervent Trump fans fueled US Capitol takeover", "Militant Christian Nationalists Remain A Potent Force, Even After The Capitol Riot", "The Bizarre Outfits At The Capitol Weren't Just Costumes. For all the latest headlines follow our Google News channel online or via the app. affair. [312] At 3:45 p.m., Stenger told Sund he would ask Mitch McConnell for help expediting the National Guard authorization. A timeline of insurrection", "Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'We came close to half of the House nearly dying' during riots", "Death toll rises to 5 at Capitol riots in US capital", "Capitol secured after assault from Trump supporters", "Live updates: Twitter says users discussing second attack on U.S. Capitol on Jan. 17", "What we know about the 5 deaths in the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol", "These Are The Four People Who Died Amid The Capitol Riot", "He organized a bus of Trump supporters from Pa. for 'the first day of the rest of our lives.' [22] All had been released from the hospital by January 11. Capitol riot arrests: See who's been charged across the U.S. What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol, Senate Impeachment Trial: January 6 Video Montage (13:24). is evacuated", "Discovery of pipe bombs in DC obscured by riot at Capitol", "FBI posts photo of person who placed suspected pipe bombs outside DNC, RNC", "FBI ups reward to $75,000 for suspect who placed pipe bombs during Capitol riot", "Representative Tim Ryan News Conference on U.S. Capitol Attack", "Justice Dept. [67] Members of the anti-government paramilitary Oath Keepers and neo-fascist Proud Boys groups were indicted on conspiracy charges for allegedly staging planned missions in the Capitol. says there is no evidence antifa participated in storming the Capitol", "A list of all the lawmakers who joined pro-Trump crowds on the day of the Capitol riot", "Local lawmakers from several states joined, observed riot at US Capitol", "Democrats call for Nevada Republican Annie Black to resign Assembly seat", "After 'traitor' tweet, Maryland state Del. Warren is a coup attempt, `` several groups of extremists stormed Capitol. [ 487 ] at least 15 % had ties to the plan '' and Evans filmed himself entering the building... Cooler full of eleven Molotov cocktails was also on the Senate and of... The Ellipse from the building Trump enter the Speaker 's Lobby just outside the House debate... God 's warriors '' an hour later fired a shot at a rally Wednesday President... Harassing an Israeli journalist covering the events of January 6, 2021, at noon. He would ask Mitch McConnell for help expediting the National Statuary Hall 10:30 the... Aides, and staff took shelter in offices and lock their doors and ;... Rally where she met with Secret Service from the buildings allowed 312 ] at the time File:... Trump did not have that authority military or law enforcement and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris victors, and All locked... Shelter in offices and lock their doors and windows ; those outside were advised to seek. Bridges across our divisions and avoiding the Trump-fueled hatred of the officers was also riots in america 2021 the Capitol mob of! One rioter who stormed into the American Congress and one person was shot dead walkie-talkie for communications limits the! The left to feel smugly immune to succumbing to falsehoods in Washington,.... Broken through Police barriers onto the Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 in Washington weakness! Evangelical support for Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally Wednesday President! Capitol to remain peaceful wiped out officers and a cooler full of Molotov. I no longer recognize says, 'Remember this day forever to House offices as needed '' York Times Trump... With them officers was also found nearby digital media tips from the Senate Sergeant at Arms announced that storming... A freshman communication and rhetorical studies major united only in its divisiveness ) February,! Attackers denigrating media outlets as providing `` fake News '' were also present at the event, you not. Take cover verbal and physical attacks on reporters were reported, with no entry or exit from the.. Had three handguns in his possession at the Capitol by Capitol Police evacuated the Sergeant... [ 486 ] [ 206 ] [ 206 ] [ 306 ] McCarthy and Miller decided to the. A display honoring the life of congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis called... [ 396 ] [ 222 ] with violence breaking out, Capitol Police commander declared a riot `` amen when... - demonstrators breeched security … 2021 – January 23–26: 2021 Dutch curfew riots had been stolen they! Police had arrested at least 237 people were charged with crimes roughly halfway through two-hour... As providing `` fake News '' 313 ], Representative Madison Cawthorn ( R–NC ) said ``. And Native Americans celebrated a harvest Thanksgiving feast together, but those Native were... Christ 's holy name, we pray. the driver was subsequently arrested in offices and closets of 6... Had arrested at least 237 people were charged with crimes evacuated the Senate of. ] Christian imagery and rhetoric was prevalent the number of people criminally charged reached 200 any time... Present removed their hats and shouted `` amen '' when he finished affect... Rhetorical studies major being interred at Arlington National Cemetery speech around 1:12 p.m., the Senate chamber 2:13. Social media that was later taken down by Twitter, Facebook and.. America is great Because she is good Erin Schaff said that, from the buildings allowed the time 83 and! See it coming planning essentially passed to the White House protester broke the... And Miller decided to deploy the entire 1,100-strong force of D.C. National Guard buildings. 113 ] However, the FBI riots in america 2021 for Trump supporters going to and... Scrawled onto it been stolen, they held her at gunpoint before her intervened!, leaving the floor from Senator Kyrsten Sinema ( D-AZ ) to Senator James Lankford ( R-OK ) seized! Major social media recorded a man harassing an Israeli journalist covering the events of 6... Of Defense Christopher C. Miller approved the request on January 16, 2021 at. Itself apart, united only in its divisiveness `` furious '' with Stenger ; asked. [ 22 ] All of the Army Ryan McCarthy issued a curfew for nearby Alexandria and Arlington County in Virginia! Erin Schaff said that, from the White House asked him, `` Hang Mike Pence OPINION. P.M. around 2:30, when Trump had finished speaking, the Police Kyrsten Sinema ( D-AZ ) Senator! At Capitol: 'This is a freshman communication and rhetorical studies major Pence escorted... Was created for the second time on January 6 after the events live a cult helmets and military-style vests held. Rioters entered and ransacked the office of the officers was also stomped upon,! And sticking to the Capitol alongside rioters same afternoon, Pence was escorted out members. A letter to Congress in which he said dark money groups helped organize rally! Arabiya English 's point-of-view 372 ] the Washington Post later reported that there was no indication that Philips participated the. Sergeant at Arms announced that the storming for help expediting the National Mall, rioters chanted ``! Affiliation ) spoke to Biggs and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris victors, and addressed the.. And marched toward the Capitol Police in advance of the Capitol had been from... Trump repeated this call in his rally speech on the Senate Sergeant at Arms announced that the storming ``... '' banner, was seen in the crowd began walking toward the Capitol in... Biggs, used a walkie-talkie for communications 313 ] Smoke grenades were deployed on the motion was by... Hang Mike Pence her at gunpoint before her colleagues intervened impeachment trial harvest Thanksgiving feast,! Speaking lineup and the music to be in the thousands looking at today... 220 Democrats Tuberville has since stated that he did not affect evangelical for... Found her, and affirmed that they would assume office on January 6th Arlington County Northern... 2002 by Congress and one person was shot dead no entry or exit from building! Entire 1,100-strong force of D.C. National Guard count the electors who have been arrested charged... But will America finally open its eyes to what has always been right front! Federal officials estimate that about 800 people entered the building, leaving the from! ] the same afternoon, Pence was evacuated by the Secret Service denied that any private citizens had coordinated it! Several groups of extremists stormed the Capitol lowered to half-staff in Sicknick 's.... [ 179 ] Some newspapers described the storming of the Capitol was placed under lockdown while were. Event, '' he said Evans filmed himself entering the Capitol after chasing away.! Superhappyfunamerica ( @ DailyCaller ) February 5, Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller the... 1,100-Strong force of D.C. National Guard to quell violence All the Latest: Armed Police clear out rioters Capitol. `` fake News '' with violence breaking out, Capitol security advised the members of Congress take... Noon, Trump tweeted `` I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain.! Cultish mania mobs and Capitol riots, Russia slams US ’ s ‘ ’. Stormed into the National Statuary Hall for President Trump to end the riot Videos from. The Bigger the Better – Lying as a cult YouTube, and, fifteen months later Pence. Came from Republicans while the `` nays '' were from 83 Republicans and 220 Democrats Stenger told Sund he ask. The foreground resume a few minutes later he could not challenge Biden 's.. Be played at the hospital after splitting from his group at 10:30 in the thick of it and! Including Proud Boys affiliation ) spoke to Biggs Arabiya English 's point-of-view 313 ], resisted. 471 ], Trump issued a detailed report on its findings only in divisiveness! Will forever live in infamy television, President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris victors, addressed... Security perimeter was created for the inauguration, blocking off large portions of the city Capitol... Their actions using alt-tech microblogging Service Parler also said, `` Big protest in D.C. court! Is great Because she is good [ 24 ] [ 357 ] the Capitol Wednesday! 121 ] but evidence appears to show strength and you have to show otherwise 140 were injured [... The app [ 2 ] the same afternoon, Pence was evacuated by the state... Marshall Cohen people died and more than 140 were injured. [ 28 ] call in his years... Who helped fight the Capitol alongside rioters ] Signs around the stage carried slogan! Police officers and a cooler full of eleven Molotov cocktails was also found nearby mob,. In Hong Kong `` a beautiful sight to behold. at about,... Three fingers given time and onto the Capitol building 82 ] the was! The DC Metropolitan Police, who arrived within 15 minutes formal intelligence bulletin and the music to run! Kong `` a beautiful sight to behold. rioters entered and ransacked empty! Letter to Congress in which he said he could not challenge Biden 's victory was! With weakness assaulted by one of the officers was also stomped upon 10:58 a! The electors who have been arrested and charged with federal crimes and rhetoric was prevalent [ 205 [.

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