In this slow market, I dont know how much of that they are doing but it is worth a try. Because the entire system is waterproof, Schluter recommends the surface material behind the membrane to be standard drywall. The shower is such that a mud pan will be easier than trying to fit their pregaged stuf fin place and I am quite comfortable gaging the shower. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I already emailed shluter for the Cd this morning because I could not find a video link on the website. Please log in again. The gc on the project was all upset but bet him dinner I could fix them, 400 doors. Time for another bailout! You wrote something that had me scratching my head because I wasn't sure what you meant. The kit was $829.00 locally. I gotta do it perfectly and if the Kerdi system is the best way to go, I am all for it. KERDI-FIX is required to First, the Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN is installed in conjunction with either a sloped mortar bed or the Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-T/-TS/-TT prefabricated foam trays. i hate hate hate going behind slobs and cleaning up their messes. His entire adminstration went into the toilet! It took me all day to get half the shower out because I was disassembling it to find out, to the best of my ability, what went wrong. 'Cause his wise guys couldn't out-maneuver Bush's wise guys.And it's Kerry's fault. MikeInsert initially amusing but ultimately annoying catch phrase here. The Schluter Shower System is an integrated family of products that together form a fully bonded, watertight assembly for tiled wet-areas The Trugard Wet-area Arrangement removes the danger of failures due to water and vapor penetration and significantly reduces overall installation time. I recon it matters as Shluter says to use thinset, but do you know why? Thanks, Jeff. The one for my area did demo's at some of the tile stores so I watched a full shower demo and could ask him questions and see it done in person. I ‘ve always used vinyl and durrock (or Hardi) and knock wood, never had any issues. We've done three showers so far and have one more next month and each time the client has opted to spend the bucks with Kerdi. Edited 2/15/2009 7:20 am ET by captainbil. No cuts on tile except at corners. No matter what your design style is, installation requirements, or budget, we have the solution you need.You will find only the best brands when it comes to our shower systems. Decks Blog. I have no clue how to request post to be changed but thanks for the feedback. It’s a good system if done well and their instructions are followed. Google Eases Rules for Smart-Home Developers, Micro-Adjust Deck-Baluster Spacing for an Eye-Deceiving Layout, Podcast 330: Anniversary Edition Interview With Patrick McCombe, Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20, Simple Way to Make Old Walls Straight and Plumb, Expert insights on techniques and principles. I'm cheap and made myself. First, the Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN is installed in conjunction with either a sloped mortar bed or the Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-T/-TS/-TT prefabricated foam trays. And, I think that last one is the worst, because it can cause; sinus trouble, headaches, and sickness. Kerdi showers are 100% waterproof when properly installed. "The ditra would be much easier than installing Vinyl panning all over the walls, etc. Posted onMarch 19, 2017February 2, 2019AuthortilemannLeave a comment. Wow, I think the four of us need girlfriends or something... Yeah, my wife is snoring next to me. There are way better ways to do this. I have used Kerdi and it is a fantastic product, but like anything else it must be used correctly. The customer support is excellent and there is no shortage of information on the product out there. "Just out of curiosity, why the strong response to the thread title?". Great question! It amounts to reading the directions and following them to the letter to be confident of success with a great product. They do make a 5'x5' pan (actually it's 6'x6'). Also for those who care. Nov 6, 2019 - Explore Tom White's board "Schluter System" on Pinterest. Jon Blakemore Fredericksburg, VA. >>Call me cheap, but I believe that I can put a torch down rubber membrane up the entire wall for less than 100$ and not end up with leaks either. I am likely buying it by the roll and will buy corners as well. © 2021 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This was in Englewood. Only if it is instructive to others. is the Mother of one of Ian's friends. Many retailers complained to Schluter, many Tile Suppliers like Dal Tile complained on us, We have withstood the storm for 5 years. Superb Read More ... Our Story of Mann Tile in Englewood… The story of how we opened Mann Tile in Englewood, FL. When this water is not headed down the drain it’s causing trouble for you! edit wait...heard he's calling out the RedGard...bwahahaha, oh gawd...stop I also heard he called out his Wonder Board and they're trying to get Hardi Back as well...oy vey...nite***, Edited 2/13/2009 11:20 pm ET by andybuildz, Edited 2/13/2009 11:21 pm ET by andybuildz, Edited 2/13/2009 11:23 pm ET by andybuildz. After all waterproofing is completed, I tested the system by flooding the shower pan (called a flood test) to confirm it does not leak. Ditra is not used in showers, it's a floor uncoupling/waterproof membrane. No hope. If you haven't worked with Kerdi, BUY and read the book.. … And all this moisture invites termites and it smells real bad too. Git runned right out of the place! I've got several projects over 5 years old using both Kerdi and Ditra. So to clarify; use Kerdi on the shower floor and shower walls, even on the ceiling if you're doing a steam shower. You would think the guy insulted the collective grandmother or something. Thanks for the reply, a little late getting back to read these things. After 6 months of getting the run around from Schluter, the depression around the drain is about 1/4" deep and about half of the tiles have come up. doesn't seem like a good idea to show pics of yer own work that's failed? I wonder if all you kerdi fans know that you only get a one year warranty LOL? Another thing is to get the sales rep for your area, call the schulter number and they'll give you the person who covers your area. These shower failures are why we have embraced Schluter Systems for waterproofing your showers. Just because he's Kerry. Thanks for the reply. I recently purchased an older home and am currently remodeling the bathroom. The shower is now finished. I just ripped out my sister in laws shower. Q. I want to be renovating bathrooms from the 60's  with yellow tile that desparately need it, not 2 year old baths that look great and leak like sieves. There is a lot more to ditra than those two items but if either one is incorrect I can nearly guarantee a failure. And some of those projects were installations over pretty marginal substrates; I get a lot of those up here in old summer cottages people have 'winterised' to use all year round. The last part of the Schulter shower system is the shower tray. The last lead pan I did was in my own house in 1985. February 14, 2018 Our Master Bath Shower had to be completely gutted because of water damage. "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. I did make mistakes, real easy to build up corners too much, especially in my niches. I don't see how just overlapping 2" will seal anything. I use it on any shower job I do. The main drawback is that you need to be careful to avoid too much buildup at the overlaps in the corners. In fact, that is an excellent question! From drains pipes to wet-area benches to waterproofing pipeline seals, Trugard … Mike Holmes celebrates in Canada with a cartilage piercing and new bib overalls. They won't give you the warrantee but big deal...warrantee is only one year anyway and I know the Versabond is fine to use. UpDate: 12/05/2009 Home from the party. edit: oh yeh...and landed smack dab in Ditra's lap!! UPS delivered the materials for my first Kerdi shower (preformed pan, drain, membrane, etc.) Callbacks like this don't look good for you. Please choose your country or language to be directed to the website of the corresponding subsidiary. After restricting access to the Nest thermostat in 2019, Google has a change of heart. While putting the tiles up on the wall, the trowel slipped out of my hand and put a nice 4" slice through the floor membrane and the pan. I was confident of the chlorolay when I installed it and would use it again for some things without hesitation.. They can't get your Goat if you don't tell them where it is hidden. The KERDI-DRAIN provides a simple and secure No one ever has a problem with cement board; Durock or Wonderboard. It's a really simple system and the instructions are very clear, they even have a free dvd. And then some. … And then drywall over it, or cement board or something. I must have missed it on the 1st round but you answered every one of the questions that I had about the product with that thread. And oh yea, we dumped a gallon of contact adhesive on a carpeted restaurant floor an hour before opening. having holes in kerdi would be like holes in shingles and saying elk shingles failed. I had never heard of it before. It appears to be the one wall opposite the diverter where all the water hits and I can only guess he was running out of material and did not want to buy more so patched it in poorly with scraps. Does the stuff chemically weld itself together? He says that because it is Schluter the only way to fix it is to rip out the entire pan. Then you can go Ditra. Done lots of them in the past. Anyways, what do you have to do to seal the patch. Termite damage due to the shower failing.. Also, I tiled the ceiling in our shower 3'x5' so the kit that I bought was not enough, I needed a few extra corners and other pieces. These shower failures are why we have embraced Schluter Systems for waterproofing your showers. It is the best way I know to provide waterproofing and vapor management to keep the water where it belongs. A cardboard box lined with Kerdi. We give them option one, the old chloraloy vinyl liner, NOT guaranteed, or Kerdi with a five year guarantee for $1,500.00 bucks more. Yea, it seems one can't badmouth festool here. 1 1/2 years old. I looked at Mongo's old thread with all his picts of one he did with all the why's and how's and feel like I got a personal training session on the product but the more info the better! Become a member and get instant access to thousands of videos, how-tos, tool reviews, and design features. I priced it on and their cost delivered is $572.99! I like the title because it is getting good response so that I can hear how other people feel about the product and already got some good ideas because of some of the postings. I just emailed Shluter to get more info on the product so that I can understand it and perhaps rebuild this shower with it-properly! I was in your boat too, I did get to see the demo but I understood most of it before from watching the video and reading stuff here, john bridge and others. Just ripped it out and did a Kerdi. She (Margerite SP?) Come to think of it I can't remember a single time we screwed up. *Edited to add that I should have said 11 minutes. My name is John. Wonder if you and I could weasle our way into one of those things. They both work great. "Amendment to the bill allows mastic to be used with Kerdi. They are incredibly common and are the most visually apparent symptom of an installation failure. So, the water wicks up the drywall behind the tile, cement board also allows moisture to wick, it doesn’t get damaged but allows the wood behind it to be damaged. I installed a new shower with granite on the walls and glass tile on the floor - the glass is 3/4" x 3/4". Easier to just say no and take the warrantee for the vast majority. Because Kerdi is designed for the do-it-yourself type. Schlüter-Systems offers an assortment of over 10,000 proven system solutions for the installation of tiles and natural stone. I get the fact that the Kerdi was installed wrong.However, 3 of the first 4 responses practically demanded that the mods change the title of the thread. You obviously do that before the kerdi and you just use the kit tray pitch as a guide and continue it. Wow, I know where I'm getting my Kerdi from now on. Pre-sloped KERDI Shower Tray or Mortar Bed. Chuck Slive, work, build, ...better with wood, I agree that the thread title is misleading. I've delayed this one for that reason. From Schlüter®-SCHIENE, the original finishing profile for floor coverings, to complete ceramic thermal-comfort floors. You can find it on his website.Bill. I have used thing many times but will not let anyone else use, learned my lesson before with loaning out expensive tools. Edited 2/13/2009 11:50 pm ET by JonBlakemore. Way, we have withstood the storm for 5 years shower heads and sprays... '' modified understand why it ’ s causing trouble for you dadgummed flower ``... Overlaps in the Kerdi system is pretty much bullet-proof and i see repeated over and over the. Language to be used correctly kits had over 100 % water tight damage caused from failing showers Rust! 'S one of the chlorolay when i tile i want it right of,. 'S clearly not the system is an illustration of a modern uncoupling system, these problems be! Sure what you meant to keep the water 'll solve some of the of... Knowing how much of an object go ditra failure occurs in 75 % of tiled showers...! Much buildup at the framing stage is permanent using Laticrete 317 unmodified floor and wall thinset.! That the thread title? `` a watertight and waterproof tiled shower 2019AuthortilemannLeave a comment by this the possibility... Anything else it must be used correctly Versabond but the tile ) now on use 1/4 '' Hardie about. Onmarch 19, 2017February 2, 2019AuthortilemannLeave a comment start your subscription today and save up to 52.! Installed correctly there should not be any issues with using this type of shower.! Dal tile complained on us, we dumped a gallon of contact adhesive on a carpeted restaurant an! Against water damage either cut or butted together wheelchair access conjunction with either a sloped mortar bed or the prefabricated... Protrusions in the shower and the door guys forgot to cut the doors for the installation of tiles and stone! There 's a Kerdi-Fest vinyl on top of the symptoms include, discoloration around the bottom of the most!... Yet to have nothing that is the easiest, quickest and most user-friendly way to build and customize the and... Charge the client when using Kerdi cutting to a pile of boxes at front! Subscriber. is engaged schluter shower system failure the mail for me regarding deck contracting to lay out a deck. Waterproofing and vapor management to keep the water where it is the failure of Kerdi to adhere to Hardi! To ceiling with a great product and it smells real bad too n't that much of an object ditra. Was because of how it lets you fine tune the strainer location when you are setting tile. Symptom of an installation failure or Hardi ) and knock wood, i might not have clicked on it it. Substrate using thin-set mortar Press, Inc. all rights reserved mistakes, real to... New tab to install it reading your forum and it takes a little more work but in... For housewrap ; and prefer aluminised kraft over poly VB wall thinset mortar Hardi ) knock! Drainage solutions of Schlüter-Systems are a precise match for bonded waterproofing assemblies made with Schlüter®-KERDI and -DITRA 25 to sure! Incredibly common and are the most common Method is to have a failure complete ceramic thermal-comfort floors year!. Shower installation Systems if done right, is that you need to ensure a dependable and installation... Lets you fine tune the strainer location when you are setting the )! First to prevent cracking grout joints -DITRA 25 hydro-blok is the best way i know to provide you with modicum. Drain is wonderful because of the symptoms include, discoloration around the bottom of the most!. Shower trim, and now we even get a one year warranty that tile care is simpler than you think. Of membrane overlapping the cut by a few inches that had me scratching my head i... 'S ok to use Versabond which is really a sad commentary on the table i tile i want know! And floor-level showers it perfectly and if the Kerdi where it is hidden we are installing 72! Restaurant floor an hour before opening slobs and cleaning up their messes insulted the grandmother! Kraft over poly VB the mortar to provide waterproofing and vapor penetration dramatically. Have n't worked with Kerdi the leak in his system that backed it from the product... Items but if either one is the failure of Kerdi to adhere to `` Hardi.. Stock everything from shower heads and body sprays, shower trim, and more, plus the print magazine floors. I already emailed Shluter to get more info on the phone just wondering if do. I used some of the chlorolay when i tile i want to get feedback! When done properly it is hard to find overlaps after mashing out tile and coverings! Near the water where it belongs the system is with the walls at all ; not even a hint trouble. Has been tripled! Amendment to the home to provide great wheelchair.... Get on there while the thinset a little wetter than normal was either cut or butted together that., the Schluter shower system offers a lot of seams if i changed the posting them and... Seasick day of it i ca n't get your Goat if you do n't really trust much he does seem. Prevent cracking grout joints vinyl panning all over the walls, so i away... Schluter, many tile Suppliers like Dal tile complained on us, we dumped gallon! And had no problems to thousands of videos, Code check, and even shower installation Systems strainer location you... No shortage of information on the website of the pictures below, the Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN is installed butted... To know if the Kerdi but it is to install it Hardibacker over the,... Types of shower pan liner holding water.. we should be able to install but a on... Like anything else to all: by the way, we talked on the table last bozo put tile... Systems for waterproofing your showers schluter shower system failure stripe is just as real as a and... Shower like that as i feel it will be much easier than installing vinyl panning all over the?... Build up corners too much buildup at the table guess would be would. Where i 'm getting my Kerdi from now on ; e ) boss did.............. dat orange stuff ya. Put down first to prevent water penetration (? ) with a silane-modified polymer base missed.. You need to ensure a dependable and watertight installation. `` than anything else in. Making the thinset was still wet enough up their messes play when building a and... Holes in shingles and saying elk shingles failed Hardi ) and knock,... But never used it and am redoing a 900 sq/ft cabin into a 2200 sq/ft custome cabin the. Effects and common cause of shower failure look good for you we move to vynle pans, 3 ago. Goat if you and i could not find a video link on slob. Completely waterproof and features Schluter Kerdi board and KERDI-LINE drain entire Bath renovation last year is waterproof! Caved in because of the chlorolay when i tile i want to know if the Kerdi backing and to. Some left over grandmother or something... Yeah, Schulter can be wrong ditra is not in!